I follow the flow


Surely after a while no one would make sense of assurance to me that not doing it on purpose. But now the most important thing tonight.

I follow the flow, it should me.

The eternal vicious circle.

Our guard inserted into the crowded club before the others waiting on a winding like a snake tail. We were knocking a few months ago due to my service. I felt the lust in his eyes, but pretended to pleasantly distracted. Tonight I was strange.

The crowd was so dense and loaded with passion, that our mutual moisture was burning away like dust or piece of zest. My legs were shaking, heart pounding in my chest like an angry beast. The pain of insatiable desire became even more pronounced in touch with others hot bodies. The feeling of anonymity was like a drug ecstasy from which somebody was overdose.

His fingers sank into the upper and lower lips, and my hips fastened on his hard body. I was writhing with disorderly movements and pressure curves toward his, he entered in the recesses of my cave. Whatever it was, definitely knew how to inflame an already painful my sensitivity. Teeth into the soft flesh of my neck, my nails into his back.

– Do you like that, bitch? – Whispering vengeance in my ear while inserted his tongue in it. – One hundred percent would like the whole world is watching while doing it? A huge stage just for you and your throbbing …

No longer I heard what I spoke.

I swallowed some air, which I had left. I was not losing his breath words just pressed his hand between his groin.

Imitation savage, pagan dance as he slid between my legs to rob juices from my swollen lips. His head thrown back and my eyes flickered variables iridescent lights. Sensitive areas of my body burned, and my senses went beyond acceptable limits. Accursed devil! Now there was nothing but flame that devoured me.

Cougar in me shouted at the height and stuck in his jaws source of pleasure, only to increase it.

Damian stood up and shared my love juices in the sweet kiss. I saw a girl with shiny hair brocade monitor game between us. Her excitement was evident, but this night was going to be disappointed. Waved a finger against it as a sign of denial until cavalier my dial up my dress and slid into my drenched peshterichka. She looked at me with wild hatred, and I gave her leer. Little pouted and turned us back.

Meanwhile, white-hot orgasm tortured my body as if I had put electricity. Pain and pleasure merged into one and thrusts his narrowness torn between my thighs. Kissed my to not allow me to call and hold the pleasure as much as possible longer.

I do not know whether it had been twenty minutes or several hours during this surreal scene. I only know that infernal pleasure sealed in my mind and whenever loneliness beat me and brought tears of anguish in my eyes, will remember her.

I sometimes think that because I live such moments.

Shiny beads in a rosary lonely nights in which madness me and pressed me to wander at random in search of satisfaction.

We went out the back door of the club, laughing and happy as a couple of crazy teenagers escaped under the noses of their parents.

Upload me on the hood of his car and proceeded to fuck me like crazy.

Metal unleashed soothes my skin.

– Someday you will of me. – Yell furiously Damian. – You’re killing me.

– Both will die. – Laugh as I turn the fire between us. – I’ll probably go faster than you.

– Then let me die with you. – Wince with embarrassment, his hands froze on my ass. He knows that such a remark more suited to sicken love girl. I earn it by control, so hurry to bring him back to the position of the hunter.

– Come with drama! – His blood gets under his fingernails. – Possessed me like there was no tomorrow!