Depends on you, angel

It is amazing how sometimes the hunter and his prey switch sides.

And how hard you can discern the doe from cougar. Especially when you’re young, stupid and confident. When you are observing the world and see only his first term – external scars. Would never have occurred to you to dive deeper, right?

The first time I saw her was two years ago in a cafe, where the predators led womenfolk victims and throwing dust in their eyes as romantic symbols. Sometimes meetings and a lonely female, waiting to be caught.

So he sees her, and Don for the first time – the window was a huge cup of hot chocolate and staring at rattled crowd outside. Her full, slightly parted lips immediately attracted his attention. And scattered her dreamy eyes of black velvet.

The first thought that crossed his mind was that it would be easy.

Girls like her were his specialty – romantic, naive swirling towers of cotton candy, soaring eyes in anticipation of the white horse and adjacent to the Prince. It was easy to distract.

Actually, no longer it was interesting. But as has just been rid of another decided that he makes an easy victory.

Her thin white dress revealed symmetrical shapes that could not help but respect. Her hands played with a sketchbook. Damian grinned inwardly at the thought of what lies in the pages: horses, princesses, castles, sunny landscapes, flowers and other infants.

Closer and asked her to do a little company.

She accepted willingly, leaning on his elbows on the coffee table and took it Investigates.

She told him that says Seraphim and he used the occasion to praise her angelic beauty. He doubted this was her real name, but anyway would not marry her. And he would add a special thrill in flirting as if they had met at a masked ball.

She threw him from his mysterious half-smile and explained that it could be a fallen angel, as the home its name means “fiery”. He caught her soft hand, brought it to his lips and began to kiss them one after another. Seraphim did not resist, by contrast, felt her body slid current and biting his lips, as if to himself. He surprised her turbulent reaction, girls like her usually balk at such a display of intimacy.

– Frankly, slightly excites me your origin. The important thing is that your sun … and the fire always attracted thirsty eye.

Unknown leaned toward him and whispered:

– Tell me, my friend, what is the fire in its essence? – Uh-oh,. – I know it’s a double. But what prevails in the end: … or the burning heat?

In her eyes he appears unhealthy flame, he ran his fingers through his hair and put them down to his shoulders. And Damian felt ridiculous, almost schoolboy excitement and zest in the groin. He wanted to escape as something that puzzled him persona. But clenched teeth, retained the challenge and leaned toward her in turn.

– Depends on you, angel.

– I might be a demon.